Lancashire newspaper office

As one of of our ghost team members works at the the newspaper office,  we have been able to gain access into the office to conduct investigations into the legend of 'Old Ned'. Edward Fishpool or better known as 'Old Ned' was a foreman who worked in the printing press room in the early 20th century.

In 1928 he had a job to dismantle an old printing press and re-install it in Nottingham. Sadly he died before he could finish the job, and ever since his spirit has walked the building in deep regret that the job went unfinished.

Workers in the past have had the feeling of being watched and have felt a gushing wind brush past them.

The newspaper has been on the premises for over 100 years and before this it used to be an old coaching inn.

The first investigation when NO information was known to any of the other group members our medium felt that we were being watched by someone dressed with overalls at seemed to be walking round as though they were a supervisor/foreman and he seemed to folow us throught the night all over the building.

 On other investigations we have picked up strange light anomolies on camera and even one of our members had a small hole burnt in their trousers.

 On the latest investigation we experianced oujia board activity and also managed to caputure on film a torch turning itself on. On the tape it can clearly be seen that nobody touched the torch.